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Cadets (ages 10 – 17)

As a Cadet, you will have fun and take part in an exciting journey that may involve using your learned first aid skills at public events.

Young people aged 10-17 can join one of our Cadet units, which operate from St Martin and HQ Midvale Road, and meet once a week in term time.

Cadets work towards their Grand Prior Award, which requires the individual to complete 16 subjects. As in Badgers these subjects cover a variety of topics which include:

  • DIY
  • Radio Communications
  • Sports
  • Child and Animal Care

The subjects are designed to be interesting and challenging. The Cadets are involved in choosing the topics, which encourages participation and provides skills they may find useful in everyday life. As well as this, there are other awards the Cadets can work towards including awards for duty hours, unit awards, local and national awards.

Older Cadets are encouraged to go out on public duty to gain more experience as first aiders. Cadets are also involved in parades, fun days and fund raising.

There is the Midvale Youth Group for young people aged 14+, the aim of this group is to enable a smooth transition from Cadet units to full adult membership.

At the age of 18, our young people are classed as adults and are encouraged to join the Adult Units where their training and experience will be expanded.

Many Cadets join St John Ambulance to gain relevant experience before pursuing a career as a paramedic or health care professional. With so many different activities to get involved with, there is something for everyone.

Some of these include:

  • learning first aid and volunteering at events
  • engaging in social action and helping your local community
  • learning about health and wellbeing
  • developing your confidence and communication skills through our Cadet leadership courses
  • becoming a Peer Educator and helping to teach others first aid
  • becoming the Cadet of the Year and representing the island of Jersey in the UK

All Cadets wear a uniform that mirrors our adult volunteer uniform.

Cadets wear:

  • St John Ambulance polo shirt

  • black trousers

  • fleece or jacket

  • black socks and black footwear

  • brassard worn on the left arm with award badges (worn at certain events)

  • Cadet NCO rank epaulettes (as appropriate)

Cadets who hold a relevant first aid qualification at events wear:

  • service delivery uniform shirt

  • black under t-shirt

  • black combat trousers

  • black socks and black safety shoes or boots

Where can I get the uniform?

Please speak with your unit leader who will be able to advise you on how you can get your uniform.

If you are concerned about the cost of uniform, please speak to your unit leader as we may be able to offer financial assistance where needed. To learn more about this, please read our information for parents and carers.

St John Ambulance Pattern

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