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Grand Prior’s Award

The ultimate Cadet achievement demonstrating commitment, compassion, and self-improvement.

When you work towards the Grand Prior's Award, you'll work through different stages.

The first step is to complete the cadet welcome programme - a taster in what being a Cadet is all about. You'll get to try out first aid skills, learn about the exciting history of St John Ambulance, and find out how your local unit runs.

After this, there are four more stages of the award:

  • Bronze Award
  • Silver Award
  • Gold Award
  • Grand Prior's Award

As you work through the different stages of the Grand Prior's Award, you'll be able to study a wide range of subjects.

Subject areas include:

  • first aid and event skills
  • St John Ambulance - past and present
  • health and wellbeing
  • personal development
  • social action.
St John Ambulance Pattern

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