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Our first aid services

As an industry leader in event first aid care, we provide fully trained and equipped personnel at over a hundred island events every year treating hundreds of casualties. Our dedicated teams deliver first-class first aid care. Our clinical governance procedures are industry leading and adhere to UK and Jersey agreed procedures. We are also registered with the Care Quality Commission.

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We have experience in successfully delivering first aid cover at events across the island. You can find us at major annual events such as The Battle of Flowers, the annual Marathon, and most music events. You will also find us at exhibitions, annual memorial services and horse racing.

Whether it’s an island public event over several days working with other agencies or a small private community event, we can help support you in providing first aid cover.

As an organisation providing first aid in Jersey since 1885, we have a wealth of experience to deliver an excellent service at your event.

Trusted high-quality care

We are registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. We are proud of our reputation for the provision of safe, high-quality care.

Clinical governance

We operate to the highest standard of clinical governance in line with the Care Quality Commission’s regulations. We have a specialist team who work together to ensure that these standards are maintained.

Any patient seen by us is recorded on our Patient Report Form (PRF). Samples of our PRFs are regularly audited by our clinical team to ensure that they are capturing the correct clinical and patient information.

All PRFs are recorded and stored in a safe environment and in accordance with GDPR requirements.

Highly trained volunteers

Our highly trained volunteers use their expertise to plan, manage and minimise first aid issues at events. All incidents are carefully recorded with the necessary paperwork sometimes by our St John Ambulance Fellowship members providing additional support.

All our first aid volunteers complete a rigorous training and assessment schedule before they can practise at events. Their assessments include annual clinical competency assessments set by our qualified assessors.

In addition, all our volunteers at events have a minimum of Safeguarding Level 1 training.

Additional expertise

Several of our volunteers are healthcare professionals and have a diverse range of skills and experience. They include paramedics and nurses.

There are many factors that affect the level of cover you will need at your island event. Find out more with our comprehensive list of event guidelines.

How we decide what level of cover you need?

These are some of the things we will consider when looking at providing cover for your island event:

  • Experience. For example, whether you have run the event before, the previous casualty rates and any learning points.
  • The circumstances of the event. As an example, whether it is a licensed music event where alcohol is available or a sports event.
  • Whether the event is indoors or outdoors, and the location.
  • Whether the audience are seated or standing.
  • The profile of the likely audience. As an example whether it is family oriented event or likely to attract people of a certain age profile.
  • Size of the likely audience.
  • The kind of activity being carried out and whether it contains a higher risk than others.
  • The time of year and duration of the event.

The event organiser will need to provide a risk assessment of the event, and you can find out more on how to create a risk assessment on the Health and Safety Executive's website.

Event guidelines

When considering what first aid cover is right for your event, there are many guidelines to follow which might appear confusing. As experts in the field with decades of experience, you can trust us to adhere to all the relevant industry guidelines in planning safe first aid cover for your event and the main one we use is the Purple Guide for event cover.

Allowing enough time to organise cover
The more notice you can give us of your event, the better. At the very least, we do ask that we are given 3 months' notice. During busy periods of the year, we receive a lot of requests for first aid cover and large events need planning months in advance.
Events get booked into our diary sometimes a year or two in advance. We are happy to take provisional bookings for your event in advance but if we have not received the relevant paperwork 2 months ahead of the event taking place, we reserve the right to remove your event from our diary to allow others to take advantage of the slot.

What we need from you
In order to complete our online booking form, you will need to have the following details handy:

  • Customer contact details, including name and full address
  • Name and address of the accounts person (if this is different from the customer contact)
  • Details of the event and activities taking place
  • Event location, including postcode
  • Date and time of the event (this is to be the ACTUAL time you will require our attendance)
  • Numbers attending and/or participating. If this is likely to be over the course of the day rather than all at once, please make sure you specify this. Equally if you have multiple sporting matches going on, let us know how many are taking place at once
  • Any special requirements
  • Confirmation of your public liability insurance
  • Onsite facilities available for use. For example, a room for first aid and whether refreshments will be provided
  • Whether you have any other medical providers attending
  • Whether you are a charity or a non-profit organisation
  • Event site maps
  • Event plans
  • Risk assessments
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required at the time of booking if your event is more than 60 days away. If your event is WITHIN 60 days, we shall require 100% of the invoice to be paid at the time of booking.

Please provide as much detail as possible when completing our booking form
If you have most of the information listed above but not everything, please do get in touch anyway so we can discuss how to start the booking process.

Next steps
Once we have received your event details via our booking form or via email, our Event Managers will carry out a resource assessment (vehicles that may be required, equipment and volunteer availability). We will then be able to recommend the correct level of first aid cover for your event.

Confirming your booking:
Once the appropriate checks have been completed on our side, and the Event Managers have checked the availability of the volunteers you will require, for your event to go ahead, we will send you a confirmation email. A week before your event, we will send you an email detailing contact numbers for you to keep safe, to enable you to contact us at short notice should your event plans change in anyway prior to our attendance.

An event cannot be classed as confirmed until we have the public duty request form, the event plan, risk assessment and payment has been received.

It is only when we have all of the relevant information from you that your booking is confirmed.

Download booking form

Find out more about the costs of our event first aid cover, and whether you qualify for our charity discount.

Fee Structure

We have a Fee Structure for our event first aid cover. We use this to guide our decisions about pricing for event first aid cover quotes.

Once we have received all the information we need about your event, we will be able to assess what level of cover you need, and whether your event meets the criteria for a discretionary charitable discount. Some events, such as community and charity events, would qualify for review against our discretionary charity discount.

Supporting our charitable work

Charging for our event first aid cover allows us to:

  • input the revenue back into our charitable work so that the entire island community benefits
  • enable us to provide low price discounted community first aid courses to all islanders
  • maintain our equipment, vehicles and training for our unpaid volunteers.

We wish to be recognised as the islands auxiliary ambulance service equipped with suitable vehicles and trained volunteers for our operational requirements and also the ability to support the States of Jersey Ambulance Service (SoJAS) in the event of a major or critical incident. Find out how we supported the islands medical services throughout the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. (something to click on to take them to next page “Our role in the 2020 COVID -19 pandemic).

Our role in the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic

Being an island it is not possible to simply drive additional resources over a county border and in an international emergency such as the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic each country was already faced with its own challenges and unable to provide additional support. A role we undertake is adding resilience to the island’s emergency capabilities through our buildings, qualified volunteers and vehicles.

In April 2020 St John Ambulance loaned the HQ building, qualified volunteers and vehicles to the States of Jersey Ambulance Service to assist them to create a second ambulance station. The charities members assisted in the islands fight against COVID-19 in several ways, some unpaid volunteers were driving ambulances to support the States of Jersey Ambulance Service, others were driving nurses around doing swab testing, other volunteers were involved in antibody testing and the charities trainers were deployed to the hospital to train Health Care Professionals & Assistants in the correct use of PPE so that their own trainers could be used elsewhere.

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