This two-day mental health first aid course qualifies delegates as Mental Health First Aiders. Delegates will be awarded the FutureQuals Level 3 Award in Mental Health: Workplace First Aider qualification, which will equip them with the knowledge to identify those who require mental health support and the confidence to offer assistance when required. This qualification is designed and delivered by St John Ambulance.

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This qualification teaches delegates to be workplace Mental Health First Aiders, who will be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of common workplace mental health issues and know how to effectively guide a person towards the right mental health support.

On this course delegates will gain:

  • an in depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing
  • practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental illness
  • an understanding of how to perform some physical first aid as part of their response to mental illness
  • the confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress
  • knowledge on how to implement reasonable mental health adjustments when an individual returns to work
  • the skills to create a positive mental health culture in the workplace.

Course Duration
2 days 9am - 5pm

Pre-course information

Delegates must bring photographic ID to the course

Pre-course reading will be required. This will be provided within the joining instructions


To be awarded the FutureQuals Level 3 qualification, all delegates must pass the below assessments:

  1. Two multiple-choice question papers. Results will not be given during the course.
  2. A scenario based practical assessment.


Subject to passing all assessments, delegates will be awarded the FutureQuals Level 3 Award in Mental Health: Workplace First Aider qualification, valid for three years.


  • What is mental health?
  • What is the difference between a mental health episode, crisis and condition?
  • What factors can affect our mental health?
  • The mental health continuum
  • Roles and responsibilities of a Mental health First Aider and Responder
  • Key attributes and behaviours of a Mental Health First Aider
  • Mental health action plan protocol (DR EFG)
  • How to support an individual (and their line manager) when returning to work after an absence due to poor mental health.
  • Physical first aid skills to be used in response to mental illness
  • How to carry out a risk assessment when supporting an individual
  • How to spot the difference between a medical emergency and an imminent threat to life (including how to identify which mental health conditions may be described as either) and what action to take
  • Recognising stress and how to support someone who may be experiencing stress
  • Recognising when someone is in crisis
  • Suicide continuum, risk factors, signs and symptoms
  • Recognising and understanding self-harm, eating disorders, PTSD & OCD
  • Psychosis - including delusions, thought disorder and hallucinations
  • Bipolar disorder
  • How to display empathy
  • Key skills to support an individual with poor mental health, including where to signpost them and how to have important wellbeing conversations
  • Overview of key legislation relevant to mental health
  • Exploring attitudes around mental health and how to create a positive culture in the workplace through influence and action planning

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