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Welcome to St John Ambulance in Jersey. We provide many services in our community, from first aid training and cover at events to our Carers Support Programme and schools support.

We have volunteers of all ages and are always looking for more people to join our team.


Latest News and Media Clippings

Firework Fans' First Aid Guide - 28/10/14

Leading first aid charity St John Ambulance has launched a firework fan’s guide to staying safe during bonfire night celebrations. St John Ambulance volunteers will be attending firework events across the island – so that anyone who needs first aid gets it quickly. However, injuries are much more likely to occur at private parties, where trained volunteers won’t be on hand to help. The most common injuries that volunteers are required to treat at bonfire night gatherings are burns, e.g. from fireworks, fire or sparklers; debris in the eye from bonfires and fireworks; smoke inhalation; and scalds from hot drinks.


Success at St John Ambulance National Finals ! - 14/10/14

Well done to our Badger team who came 4th and the Adult team who came 5th (5th = with Guernsey!) in the SJA National Finals in the UK at the weekend. Many congratulations to them all and their trainers and supporters


Free St John Ambulance Carers course for anyone helping someone. - 15/09/14

Free St John Ambulance course for anyone helping someone. It is estimated 7,000 people care unpaid for an ill, frail or disabled family member or friend. The care may be temporary or a regular obligation that can turn life upside down. St John Ambulance Sessions cover practical advice in a supportive environment.


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