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Defibrillator Locations

There are 220 defibrillator units located across the Island as at November 2015.  Please see the downloadable list below to find your nearest location.  For training requirements please see our 'First Aid Training' page.You may be interested in visiting the AED Locator website which is at



A reminder to Defibrillator Owners around the island

When temperatures begin to drop, please be reminded that in order to keep your units at their optimal performance, they be stored between 0° and 50° C (room temperature is best if possible) .   As well as protecting the defibrillator pads, this will also ensure that you get the best life span from your unit’s battery.

Owners with units stored externally in PADs (Public Access Defibrillators) that are connected to the mains electricity supply will normally have heated pads that the units rest on, these heated pads will ‘kick in’ when the temperature drops below 5°C.

Please refer to your owner manuals for further storage and maintenance information.

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